PDI has a long history of designing and manufacturing custom winch packages and remanufacturing other winch manufacturers’ products into custom configurations. We have taken other winch manufacturers’ products and repaired and / or rebuilt these products for our customers. Many times we were asked to incorporate these older products into new custom configurations. We have seen and / or done just about every configuration imaginable, and we have designed interchangeable solutions into these “Dynamic Power” TM products. We believe this design gives us market advantage over our competitors and delivers additional value to our customers.” 

This revolutionary plug and play design solution gives our customers versatility they cannot receive from other winch manufacturers’ equipment. We have designed into our winches different operational parameters we have developed over the years, and with our modular plug and play solutions, we are excited to offer these “Dynamic Power Winches” TM to our customers.  

This innovation would not have been possible without PDI’s dedicated team of engineers and technicians with their tried and true method of delivering product design solutions to its customers for over 30 years. There are very few companies out there that can actually manufacture what we can produce. Collectively, our team of professionals has over 300 years of industry experience. We understand the challenges of the diverse and ever-changing needs of our customers.  We are very proud to offer these made in the U.S.A products to our markets.

For the latest information on PDI’s revolutionary Dynamic Power Winches TM, we invite you to call us at 228-689-8560 or send your request for quotes to

Building on the expertise of our personnel, and the needs of our customers, Power Dynamics Innovations LLC (PDI) is a leader in the design and manufacturing of marine winches and related equipment. Located at the Stennis Space Center in south Mississippi, we have been designing and building quality marine systems, equipment and components since 1978.
All winches and equipment are designed and fabricated at our facilities, utilizing the latest engineering software and techniques available today, to ensure our customers the maximum quality and versatility for their applications. Our experience in component design, selection of materials and surface protection has been gained in a harsh environment-the offshore industry.
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Power Dynamics Innovations implements the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which is a program that uses the finite element method to analyze a material or object and find how applied stresses will affect the material or design. FEA can help determine any points of weakness in a design before it is manufactured.
   Design and Manufacturing of quality winches and marine deck equipment
Power Dynamics Innovations LLC
Dynamic Power Winches TM, by Power Dynamics Innovations LLC
Power Dynamics Innovations LLC, is now producing its own line of Dynamic Power Winches TM . In addition to manufacturing custom winches we offer three different size winches to accommodate 1 inch, 1 ¼ inch and 1 ½ inch wire sizes as a “Standard Product” Each winch size will be interchangeable with pre-engineered skids for a variety of configurations including Single Drum, Double Drum, Flatbed and Waterfall.

Our new line of “Dynamic Power Winches” TM are unique with our “plug and play” design of interchangeability built into these  winches. This gives our customers a variety of configuration options to meet their individual needs without having to purchase a “new job related” custom winch configuration.  The ability to reconfigure existing equipment gives our customers an advantage in delivering cost effective solutions”.