Power Dynamics Innovations LLC
Power Dynamics Innovations LLC has been serving the fluid power industry since 1978. In addition to being a major manufacturer of offshore pipe handling equipment, PDI maintains a service department to repair and troubleshoot customers component systems, such as winches, gear drives, pumps, motors, tensioners, hydraulic power units, etc.

We have experienced service technicians and sales professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet our customers critical needs worldwide.

Installation and setup of PDI designed and manufactured systems and components is very important to our customers needs. Power Dynamics Innovations can supply technical assistance and service technicians to insure a trouble-free installation, and can provide training for customers operators and support personnel. We can also provide extensive support after the sale, at our customers jobsite anywhere in the world.
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Power Dynamics Innovations manufactured this tag line winch system, its controls, and base.
Power Dynamics Innovations manufactured winches for a lay barge that was involved with the Elizabeth River Tunnel Project
Power Dynamics Innovations has the capabilty to create and impliment three dimmensional mooring spread layouts, such a system was brought to life on this derrick barge.
Power Dynamics Innovations manufactured this 10T Davit
Power Dynamics Innovations manufactured this winch skid to retrieve high voltage electrical transmission cables from a hydroelectric power plant to be replaced with new transmission cables.
Power Dynamics Innovations manufactured this 40T Davit
Power Dynamics Innovations manufactured the winches, hydraulic power units, and fabricated all of the affected internal piping on these two anchor barges.
Power Dynamics Innovations remanufactured this Mini Hoister winch and manufactured its Hydraulic Power Unit for use in the Tappenzee Bridge Project in New York City.
Power Dynamics Innovations Designed the lead hoist system used to drive the piles on the Elizabeth River Tunnel Project.
   Design and Manufacturing of quality winches and marine deck equipment
Power Dynamics Innovations manufactured this traction winch truck for WA Chester. We provided design services needed to tailor the unit to meet the client's specific needs. The pulling unit features a traction winch and storage reel combination that can pull a constant tension of 50,000 pounds over 6500 feet of 1-1/8" wire rope. The primary purpose of the unit was to pull three conductors of high voltage power cable simultaneously through a single underground pipe duct. The operators cab contains a custom built processor that monitors load, speed and legth of cable. A portable control console allows the operator to perform critcal operations out of the cab while observing conditions in the man hole.
Power Dynamics Innovations remanufactured a Skagit DMW 250, and its Hydraulic Power Unit, Also included was a Lantech winch for a stinger hoist.