PDI has an experienced team of specialists for re-powering and/or overhauling your existing winches to extend the life of your investment. We can tear down, repair/replace/upgrade components, improve lubrication and turn your equipment into like new condition.
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Refurbished Winches

Modified a Lantec 2200 Winch to be used on a Screed Barge
Remanufactured Lantec 1200 Hydraulic Planetary Winch
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Remanufactured Intercon SD-150 Anchor Winch
Remanufactured two Manitowoc 390 double drum mooring winches
Remanufacture of anchor windlass for an offshore supply vessel company
Remanufacture of four Brattvaag anchor winches
Refurbish/Re-power Skagit winch for the Army Corp. of Engineers
Refurbish Amcon winch for Caldive International
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Remanufactured Skagit DMW250
Refurbish Lantec Stinger Hoist